Scarce News on 5 Cubans Under Siege

What exactly is going on in Placetas, Cuba?
News on what's happening with the 5 Cubans under siege in Placetas for a week remain scarce. Cubaencuentro.com appears to be the only news outlet reporting on the story. Yet their coverage is apparently based only on conversations with a spokesperson for the 5.

Today they reported that the dissidents were gassed last night while they slept and in order to force them out. In addition State Security poured petroleum on the porch, placed 'obsecene and aggresive signs' on the premises and harrassed them verbally but from outside. Antunez, the leading dissident and black has accused them of racism and reportedly manifested: "They have used the black race as their flag and now don't tolerate that us blacks question the system."
Why are they under siege and prevented from obtaining liquid nutrients to continue their fast? Have they attempted to exit to get nutrients? Has anyone tried to deliver nutrients? Have any international journalists attempted to visit the premises in Placetas? If so, what happened in any of these cases?
Has the International Red Cross sought access? Would 'State Security' be willing to allow them in? What nutrients do the dissidents have in storage, if any? How many more days or hours do they have left without nutrients?
MiscelaneasdeCuba.net and Cubaencuentro.com are both reporting the detention of dissidents attempting to visit the 5 under siege in Placetas.


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