Lula the Great: Castro Si, Embargo No...Hmm.

If in 1976 a pedestrian in San Francisco merely demonstrated interest in crossing a street all approaching cars would immediately halt. One then would cross the street or avenue and no one even rushed you. The first time I experienced this I felt a 'renaissance of wonder' (no, not like Ferlinghetti partially but critically botched up in "I am Waiting"). This is civilization! So I thought.

Some 20 years later this was no longer the case. The one with the car was the one with the power and with a mere honk of the horn made sure you knew you were crossing or intending to cross his or her street.

With comparable arrogance, insensibility and indifference Lula today honked his horn at millions of Cubans, declaring to the Wall Street Journal "There is no human, sociological or political reason to maintain the embargo on Cuba."

No, Lula, of course not. You are the one with the car and there is no reason to halt for Cubans crossing the street.


That's all for now for I'm not president of Brazil. I need to work.


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