Solidarity with 5 Fasting Cubans Grows even as Castro Tightens Screws

"There's a sign at the entrance to Antunez home that reads as follows: 'In the US Obama asked for change and became president. In Cuba Oscar Elias Biscet asked for changes and he is behind bars. Both of the men mentioned are black; the American lives in what is an exemplary democracy for the world. The second, Biscet, lives under a ferocious tyranny headed by the tyrannical Castro brothers."
The quote was posted as a comment by someone identifying as "Encasa De Antunez" (#37) in Cubaencuentro.com tonight.

Antunez, a dissident and former political prisoner who recently ended a 30 day hunger strike but immediately continued with a liquids only fast (along with 4 other dissidents) now finds his home (and the sign) surrounded by Cuban 'State Security'. They refuse to allow anyone to enter and deliver liquid foods or medications to the fasting dissidents.
In other words, Cuban 'State Security' is either executing orders to force them back on an absolute hunger strike (assasination) or attempting to force them to stop protesting for their rights.
Expressions of solidarity with Antunez are nevertheless growing although not yet as fast as the unprecedented avalanche of solidarity with Castro's tyranny of the past several weeks.

How will those nations with diplomatic relations with Cuba respond? How will they conduct good relations with the tyranny? Will they intervene on behalf of the dissidents and attempt to provide them with liquid foods despite the tyranny's siege? Will they demand that the siege be ended? Will they condition their diplomatic ties to the respect of human rights in Cuba? Or will they remain silent to avoid disturbing their relationship with the tyrant?


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