Castro Again Accused of Drug Trafficking

A former direct report of Pablo Escobar has tied Fidel and Raul Castro to a chain of narco trafficking linking Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexiso and Cuba. Jon Jairo Velázquez, 'Popeye', who is serving a sentence in a high security prison in Colombia claims in a video interview that Fidel Castro and Pablo Escobar had a very close relationship with Gabriel Garcia Marquez acting as their intermediary. Operational details were allegedly engineered by his brother Raul. The apparatus served to provide leftist guerrillas and narco-traffickers with weapons and the regime with $100 million. According to Velázquez 6000 kilos of 'drugs' remain 'hidden' in Cuba.

This is the second public testimony pointing to the Castros' involvement in narco-trafficking. In the late 1980's General Arnaldo Ochoa and 3 others were executed by the regime for drug trafficking after a high profile trial in which one of the defendants claimed to have been told by another that it was all supervised by the highest authorities in the regime.

The accusations are reported in a short 2 part documentary available in Telemundo51 and produced by Gina Montaner, daughter of Carlos Alberto Montaner, a well known exiled writer and publisher.

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