Cuba's Raul Castro Ready to Talk about 'Everything' ...but with Obama

Just a few days ago Ricardo Alarc├│n president of the Castro regime's 'National Assembly' declared there were no political prisoners in Cuba. Yet yesterday Raul Castro announced he was ready to talk about them. Hmm. Confusing signals.

Switching yesterday from bad cop (Fidel) to good cop, Mr. Raul Castro declared he was willing to talk about everything: political prisoners, freedom of the press. He cautioned that this could only occur however 'without casting the slightest shadow over Cuba's sovereignty' or 'without the slightest violation of the Cuban people's right to self determination'.

Here's Mr. Raul Castro responding to Obama yesterday:

As expected, he was addressing President Obama and the United States, not the millions of Cubans who charge him and his brother precisely for usurping our right to self-determination. Somehow he and his brother have fallen under the delusion that they and Obama were elected to represent the people of Cuba.

Obama does not appear to suffer from such a delusion. Here's his response:


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