What Castro Wants from Obama...as he Confesses that Retired US Military Officers say the US Needs him for Protection from Drug Lords - Part V

In today's reflection Castro argued that even retired US military officers are on his side, that they finally recognize that they need him to protect the US against drug lords. I wonder what Castro's General Ochoa would have said about that, had he not been executed by Castro presumably for drug trafficking.

Ochoa was a widely popular and charismatic military leader and Commander of Castro's armed forces in Angola. Indeed in his trial a defendant testified that he had been led to believe that drug trafficking was approved by the regime's leadership.

In the new role he aspires to as the hemisphere's drug czar, who might Castro now really want executed and why?

You can watch the defendant's testimony below.

Did the witness' (on video) testimony lead to an independent investigation about narcotrafficking at the head of the regime? Of course not. How could it? There is no real separation of powers; everything leads back to Castro. No sane Cuban would consider requesting that the Castros be investigated for narcotrafficking or anything else for that would be a counter-revolutionary act by Castro standards. Whoever would have dared to request it would likely have ended up like General Ochoa.
"A former direct report of Pablo Escobar has tied Fidel and Raul Castro to a chain of narco trafficking ..." Read Castro Again Accused of Drug Trafficking.


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