What Castro Wants from Obama...as he Attempts to Divert Attention from his Crimes to Climate Change and Financial Crisis - Part VI

Castro of course may forever try anything (through his emissaries in Trinidad) to shift the subject to just issues like human driven climate change and world capitalism's financial crisis. Obama will surely have no problem addressing any of these, with the caveat that unlike Castro, he has no grave crimes to hide.

Hiding his crimes behind an array of just causes to distract the world's attention is the ploy Castro's used for 50 years to get the sympathy he needs while he crushes Cubans. "The executioner's hand is always well hidden" (B. Dylan).

In Trinidad, if attacked by Chavez and Castro's other representatives, it'll be up to Obama to insist on critical analysis and call a spade a spade as thus far he has eloquently done.

Castro might then shift from flattering to ideologically vilifying Obama; that's all he'd have left, for again (except for the stand he shares with Castro on abortion), the latter has committed no crimes. In addition, it will be very hard for Castro to accomplish this inside Cuba.

The discussion would then open up to all the real issues, not just Castro's favorites.


The Washington Post has just published an eye opening editorial for the blind entitled "Wrong Subject" where it argues that it's: "...easier to demand concessions for Cuba than to defend Venezuelan democracy." It's worth reading even for those who are not in denial about Cuba.


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