Abortion and Population Decline in Cuba (Updated)

The Cuban regime is reportedly providing the population with methods for aborting in the convenience of their homes and with no intermediary other than a pill.

Who is being aborted? Might more than a few of these be children conceived 'accidentally' through sex with tourists?

Thus the regime offers tourists hotels, meals, transportation and for entertainment, well, sex with prostituted Cuban adolescents remedied through a private, easy, do-it-yourself abortion. That's 5 sources of income. Multiply that by 2 million tourists (or 4 if some US Citizens get their 'right'). How's that for productivity?

What a deal.

According to the Wall Street Journal's Marketwatch the Cuban regime has reported that it's population shrank by 700 thousand in 2008, about 6%, and for the third consecutive year. The Latin American Herald Tribune has also reported the accelarated decline. In another report, Cubaencuentro.com, a Spain based news website, contradicts both of the former by a substantial margin, reporting a decline of only 7,737 inhabitants.

How they could have arrived at such different figures is a story in itself given they all claim the Cuban regime's media as their source.

At the higher rate, Cuba's population will be diminished to its pre-Castro coup 1959 level in 7 years; the number of Cubans in exile will have surpassed those in Cuba in around 11; and the Castro tyranny's captive slave force will have become extinct in 15. Conceivably he will then be 97 and utterly alone, with not one Cuban left to enslave, imprison or execute; and Cubans in Cuba gone.

Socialism or death? If the larger rate is true it appears as if death will have won. Castro's post-revolutionary coup will have proven itself evolution's enemy or as Christians would put it, it will have been decisIvely condemned for attempting to subvert God's plan for man.
While p├│pulation is decreasing in Cuba, support for abortion in the United States has significantly dropped. According to Pew Research the number in the US who believe abortion should be legal dropped from 54% to 46%; in men from 53% to 43% and in women from 54% to 49%. The drop occurred between August 2008 and April 2009.

Increasing recognition of the rights of a human in an embryonic stage is very good news for the United States. Evidently the nation is moving towards a more complete grasp of the meaning of the US declaration of Independence, where it states: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

For Cuba's Castro these unalienable rights are evidently not yet self-evident, either for humans in an embryonic stage or beyond. One hopes he will grasp this truth too.


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