What does Castro want from Obama...as he Blames the US for Stealing 'Human Resources' - Part IV

Castro shamelessly blames the US for 'stealing human resources'. He wants exiles in Cuba but as slaves, that is, working for his illegitimate state for $15 monthly in whatever task he wishes while threatening them to remain silent about his presumed right to own them. When Cubans try to make a living on their own or non-violently object they are of course publicly condemned by his regime as worms, corrupt, counter-revolutionaries in order to incite to incite mobs against them.

He claims he does not want handouts and yet he slaps a 20% tax on any remittances in US dollars of exiles to their families. Not interested in money and handouts and yet taxing 'mercenaries' and their families? Again, according to the Oxford dictionary a 'mercenary' is one 'primarily concerned with money or other reward'. Who is the mercenary, the thousands who charitably send a remittance to family or the one who taxes it, King George?


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