Report of Attempt to Visit Antúnez and Cubans under Siege in Placetas

Claudio Fuentes, a Cuban on the island, has written about his attempt to visit Antúnez in Placetas. These are rights which he alleges were violated:
1. "The inability to roam freely in any zone or region of the national and sovereign territory...."

2. "...the right to make a phone call while detained..."

3. "...the simple right and freedom to assemble with whomever we wish..."

4. "...the civil right to freely get information through whichever means we feel like,"

5. "...the power to later disseminate our views about this...The little Internet that we manage to scrounge will also serve to denounce them and to express ourselves."

6. "...after having had my cameras returned, I realized that they had erased the photos contained in one of them..."

You can read his account of the experience published in English courtesy of Octavo Cerco's blog here.

Who, besides the regime and affiliates, can read it inside Cuba?


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