US embargo on Cuba - Debate in Congress

How much are Cubans worth? A debate in U.S. Congress

-How much are the human rights of Cubans worth?
-Well, it's hard to say. The Council of Hemispheric Affairs says the embargo costs the US 3.5 billion, but I've seen figures as low as $1 billion.
-So the per capita cost per Cuban is somewhere between $76.92 and just over $200. Is that lifetime or annual?
-Annual, annual, of course.
-That's too much. Castro would never pay that much for one. How much does he rent them to Spain, the Neatherlands, Canada for?
-$15 monthly.
-That's too much. How many Cubans did he trade for one tractor in 1961?
-Hey, comrade, better not let Obama hear us talking like this. Just make it law fast.

Council on Hemispheric Affairs says:
Blockade on Cuba Costs US Economy More

H.R. 188: The Cuba Reconciliation Act (U.S. House of Representatives)

S. 428: The Cuba Travel Act (U.S. Senate)


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